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๐Ÿ”ฅ Helping other designers to think from developer's point of view.

Rohit Methwani
Rohit Methwani

Sometimes we often come across some designs which are good in terms of visuals but that isn't necessary they can be that good on the production versions and also whether they are easy to code or not. Designers often tend to miss this thing and it makes difficult for developers sometimes to fulfill the criteria. So this type of course/lesson would help designers to make them familiar with for example: Flexbox layout or any other common point of area which would help designers to think from a developer's point of view.

Colin Pace
Colin Pace team

@Rohit Methwani this is a great one, and something that both designers and developers would absolutely benefit from! It would make handoffs more effective and reduce the back and forth. Love it โค๏ธ