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UX Design Program

Colin Pace
Colin Pace

Finally, a whole course specializing only in UX Design. We'll answer questions such as

- What is UX design?
- What does a UX designer actually do?
- What is a UX designer responsible for and what are their deliverables?
- What are the main strengths and skills of a UX designer?

Maria Concetta
Maria Concetta

Hi Colin, I am also interested in the UX course. I would be glad if it was a full and complete course about everything you need to know about UX, because I noticed that many courses do not give you a full knowledge and you have to look for info spread across the Web.

Tatiana Basangova
Tatiana Basangova

@Maria Concetta, I agree. There are many basic information about ux, but nothing deeper. I think we need more information about ux processes in the real world. Stages, methods, documentations, reports, how to run research if your are the only designer/freelancer. About UX testing and etc.

Aryan Aditya Singh
Aryan Aditya Singh

When will this course be available?


It would be cool if it gave more info about the UX process, lean UX and Sprint UX and how the process differs according to time/budget and other factors.

I am new to UX and I am actually wondering which one among them is the process you should follow based on the situation.

Also I noticed that many sites teach you the "classic UX process" the one that follows the waterfall methodology, but what do you do when the company you work at is an agile one?

Another really cool thing would be providing more insights on the different ways you can gain data (qualitative, quantitative research) because I noticed all of these info are "shattered" across blogs and articles.

In general, it would be cool if everything you need to know came together in a single and complete course, without having to go looking into multiple sites and articles.