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Real life use cases attached to lessons 0

Attach real-life use cases about the lesson subject.


Agile vs. Waterfall Frameworks 0

Agile vs. Waterfall Frameworks


ℹ️ Display Lesson Name on a Bookmark Screen 3


A bookmark screen lacks information about a lesson this particular bookmark from. I suggest adding to each bookmark screen: lesson cover and name, lesson's level, and a button to open the lesson. (just like in the image below)


Option to save courses you are interested in but haven't started yet 0

It would be great to have an extra option in the courses menu "interested". For now, there are only "all", "in progress" and "complete". I think it would make sense to add an "interested" option in this same section rather than having a saved section that seems to be a way to save parts of lessons instead of courses you would...


Start Over or Reset Progress 1

I loved how UXCEL is growing every day. This is design thinking in practice. I logged in after a few weeks, and I want to start over again (without affecting my scores, or progress) or start from the complete beginner as if this is new. The first course does act as reflection so, it would be great to reflect in a while. WDYT?


Final big general test 0

It would be great if at the end of the course there was some final big general test, which contains questions for all levels of the course. This would consolidate the knowledge gained. Then you can issue a certificate. It is even possible to add practical tasks, for example: create the correct registration form. And also add...


Best practice checklists 1

A checklist with best practices that learners can use to check their own projects.


Highlights in text 0

Highlighting the most important aspects to allow quick scanning of the concepts would be nice.


Nocode applications design 0

I would be very glad to know new instruments of creating iOS and Android applications without developers. Its possibilities and features.


Option to retake tests from courses 0

Is there an option to take a test from a course more than once? If not, I would like to be able to use this to brush up my skills on courses I’ve already taken.


Notes/summaries 1

A summary/notes of the concepts (or a way to create them for yourself) would be neat (e.g., in the way Coursera has it).


Fully Interactive Tests 0

Current Uxcel courses all seem to focus on design vocabulary and knowledge, but not practical skills. This is like testing a driver on the leaner's manual, but never testing their skills and reflexes behind the wheel. We really need interactive tests where users are tasked with kerning, leading, etc until users are masters ...


Hide completed courses 0

Hide completed courses under the Discover tab or add the option within the dropdown filter.


Show number of users that took a skill test 0

In the assessment test, along with percentile, can you mention how many took the assessment


Add Java Course 1

We already have Html and CSS for designers, why not some Java. It helps to add that spicy sauce to every web design.


Badge Notification 0

Get a notification when you earn/unlock a new badge.


Repetition Tasks 0

Hello :) I just had an idea that repetition tasks for already completed courses are a good addition to the study journey. It Would give a great additional value for your brain. Especially it would be nice if you can also select the courses and then the questions are aligned accordingly. Or just completely random from differen...


Ideas on certificates 0

Users can choose few mockups to kind of design certificate and get a shareable template which can be shared in Instagram, Facebook. Possibly in a square format. For example: - https://unblast.com/free-certificate-mockup-psd/ - https://graphicriver.net/item/certificate/25016307 - https://dailymockup.com/downloads/certificate...


Add Notes in Bookmarks 1

Sometimes i just want to take notes when i bookmarked contents.


Longest Streak 0

While playing Ueye, count the longest streak for extra motivation