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Opening links in a new tab and the ability to translate images.


Give the ability to open links in a new tab.
It is currently not possible to open some links in a new tab. I would like to open, for example, my account in a new tab (by clicking on the mouse wheel), so as not to interrupt my work on the current page.

Give my plugin the ability to translate images.
I use a page translator, however a page translator only translates the pages (ingenious inference). But there are times when images contain important information.
For this, my browser has a built-in image translator. However, it can be activated only when it is possible to interact with the image (for example, by pressing RMB on the image). Now I have to take a screenshot of the image, then go to the translator and insert the screenshot there for translation.
(By the way, there is no such restriction on the cover of the lesson and the image is translated freely.)