🚫🎨 Skip color practices for those with color blindness

Colin Pace
Colin Pace team

Color blindness is something that affects nearly 5% of the population, and many of our Lessons and UEye Training focus on color. It's our duty as designers and product managers to be empathetic, so providing the ability to skip color lessons and hide color UEye practices is a must.

Анатолий Лобков
Анатолий Лобков

I must say that color blindness comes in different types. Moreover, if a person has color blindness, he sees other shades better. For example, a color blind person may not see some color cards, but respond perfectly and easily to other color cards. I think this is a very deep topic for implementation on the platform. Suppose that when registering, the user will be able to select the type of his color blindness (if any), and then in the settings the ability to change. In this case, the platform must have an equal number of cards for deuteranopia, protanopia, tritanopia, tetrachromacy. However, each type has its own degree of violation.