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Ultimate challenge: duel mode

Анатолий Лобков
Анатолий Лобков

Mini-game, the essence of which is a duel between the participants. Each participant within the allotted time must correctly answer the maximum number of pairs of cards with questions.

1. The system finds two players willing to fight.
2. The system generates the same pairs of cards for each duelist
3.1. The system gives the total time. For example 60 seconds. Solve as many tasks as you can. Earn as many points as you can. For winning you get points.
3.2. Alternative option. The system simultaneously shows a couple of cards to the duelists. The first person to answer correctly earns a point. The system then calculates the points.
4. The duel ends. Each participant sees where he made a mistake

Nilson Molina
Nilson Molina

I think the ability to "duel" would be a great addition. Please add a way to do this with friends as I've invited a few users who have been losing interest (UX is not a passion of theirs). I think I could reel them back in with a bit of friendly competition.

I also don't think we should restrict the questions to just the "UEye Training" questions. Would be great to allow Course questions to be shuffled. This would be a good way to test whether or not you retained the course content.

Alternative Modes (Party Mode)
Might also consider allowing 4 player competitions, first to answer correctly gets 5 points, second gets 3 points, third gets 1 point and last gets 0 (ala Mario Party). At the start, players can pick how many questions to go through (10, 30, 50, etc...) and each question can be 30 seconds or until all players have made a selection. It's also fun to see everyones selections as they're being made as it ends up making people second guess their choices.