📈 User account statistic

Анатолий Лобков
Анатолий Лобков

Displaying statistics of correct and incorrect answers in your account. Also, for each parameter, you can enter a rating (in what percentage of all users I take a place). This may include the average response time to a question, the number of correct and incorrect answers, the ratio of correct to incorrect, the time of active stay on the platform.

If anyone would like to add ideas on this topic, suggest below in the comments.

Colin Pace
Colin Pace team

This is a great idea!

What about the ability to see analytics/statistics on each practice or on the Lesson Summary?

Анатолий Лобков
Анатолий Лобков

@Colin Pace, When I finish playing a playlist, I see the average response time, the number of points earned, and the next playlist button. What if the scale was turned into a statistic scale. For example I made 3 mistakes and the average time is 2 seconds. Thanks to this scale, I will see my position among the general mass of people who completed the playlist. However, I think that such deep features can wait