Design Systems 22


The course which will take you through the process of building the design system. With best practices and practical examples.


Design Thinking 1

A comprehensive course dedicated to understanding the user, challenging our assumptions, and redefining problems to identify the best possible design solutions.


Psychology in UX 0

A lot of us come from Design, Computer tech background while many of us come from a Psychology background or HCI. Refresher psychology sounds like a fun idea.


Information Architecture 4

I would love to see a course (or courses) on Information Architecture.


Gamification 1

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.


Apple's Human Interface Guidelines 🍎 6

Let's take a deep dive into Apple's HIG. Explore all their definitions and best practices.


Motion Design 1

This is what brings to life, from a dormant Design to a real life work of art.From microinteractions, parallax, to movements and transitions, this,I believe is a skill that sets designers apart.


Uxcel mobile app 6

Uxcel iOS and Android app


UX Design Program 4

Finally, a whole course specializing only in UX Design. We'll answer questions such as - What is UX design? - What does a UX designer actually do? - What is a UX designer responsible for and what are their deliverables? - What are the main strengths and skills of a UX designer?


Design Ethics 1

This course would be intended to teach about how to be an ethical designer and what kind of behaviors we should avoid. Such topics would include: Dark Patterns Existential Values Design Intent


Material Design πŸ€– 2

Learn all about Google's Material Design! Learn MD definitions and terms, as well as their best practices.


Doing a good portfolio 2

Best practices, specificities and expectations according to one's profession as a designer ( UX vs UI vs UX/ UI)


Design Sprint 0

The sprint is a five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers.


UX Laws 3

UX Laws with practical examples


Gestalt Psychology in UX Design 0

In order to develop work that better serves the needs of users, it’s important to understand the basic psychological principles of Gestalt theory.


Interaction Design 1


It would be great to outline all of the best practices and variations of interaction design.


πŸ”₯ Helping other designers to think from developer's point of view. 1

Sometimes we often come across some designs which are good in terms of visuals but that isn't necessary they can be that good on the production versions and also whether they are easy to code or not. Designers often tend to miss this thing and it makes difficult for developers sometimes to fulfill the criteria. So this type o...


AR, VR Design 3

Augmented reality and virtual reality


Dashboard Design Foundation 0

Dashboard design is a frequent request these days. Businesses dream about a simple view that presents all information, shows trends and risky areas, updates users on what happened β€” a view that will guide them into a bright financial future.


Data Visualization 0

Charts help you tell accurate and convincing stories around data with beautiful and accessible visualizations. Chart types - Start by identifying the purpose of the visualization and then choose the appropriate chart type. Chart anatomy - The elements constructing each chart are designed to work in harmony. Each piece plays...