πŸ“± Mobile UI Design 9

In Progress

Mobile design plays by a whole different set of rules, and it's fundamental that designers and developers understand the best practices.


Design Systems 0

The course which will take you through the process of building the design system. With best practices and practical examples.


⌨️ Typography 1

Another specialized course focusing solely on typography. Cover all advanced anatomy and definitions, as well as typographic hierarchy, styles, and much more!


UX Design Program 3

Finally, a whole course specializing only in UX Design. We'll answer questions such as - What is UX design? - What does a UX designer actually do? - What is a UX designer responsible for and what are their deliverables? - What are the main strengths and skills of a UX designer?


🎨 Color 0

A whole new course that is focused specifically on color. Learn all about color and how to apply it to create incredible designs.


On Design Thinking, UX Research, UX Writing, Interactions, Animations. 1

It would be cool for a student like me to explore on Design Thinking, UX Research, UX Writing, Interactions, Animations.


πŸ“š Add Theory to a Lesson 4

Before you start completing lesson exercises, we want to provide the ability to read a theory section first. Theory may consist of text, images, and videos and provide users a solid basis before starting the exercises. Additionally, theory will be optional, as some users may choose to start working on the exercises immediately.


Apple's Human Interface Guidelines 🍎 2

Let's take a deep dive into Apple's HIG. Explore all their definitions and best practices.


Information Architecture 0

I would love to see a course (or courses) on Information Architecture.


UX Reserach 1

Need Something more related to UX research.


πŸ”₯ Helping other designers to think from developer's point of view. 1

Sometimes we often come across some designs which are good in terms of visuals but that isn't necessary they can be that good on the production versions and also whether they are easy to code or not. Designers often tend to miss this thing and it makes difficult for developers sometimes to fulfill the criteria. So this type o...


Material Design πŸ€– 0

Learn all about Google's Material Design! Learn MD definitions and terms, as well as their best practices.


Dark Patterns in Design, Ethical Values in Design 0

Would you design if someone asks you to design something that promotes racism, violence, hate or crime?


Patterns in design 1


A course that presents the most widely used patterns in web and/or mobile design that are familiar to most users and should be re-used. Inspired by books like Designing Interfaces and Don't Make Me Think.


πŸ“ˆ User account statistic 3

In Progress

Displaying statistics of correct and incorrect answers in your account. Also, for each parameter, you can enter a rating (in what percentage of all users I take a place). This may include the average response time to a question, the number of correct and incorrect answers, the ratio of correct to incorrect, the time of active...


Psychology in UX 0

A lot of us come from Design, Computer tech background while many of us come from a Psychology background or HCI. Refresher psychology sounds like a fun idea.


Motion Design 0

This is what brings to life, from a dormant Design to a real life work of art.From microinteractions, parallax, to movements and transitions, this,I believe is a skill that sets designers apart.


Gestalt Psychology in UX Design 0

In order to develop work that better serves the needs of users, it’s important to understand the basic psychological principles of Gestalt theory.


Gamification 0

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.


UX writing course 1

The other courses here are fantastic , how about adding an Ux writing Microcopy course