📱 Mobile UI Design 4


Mobile design plays by a whole different set of rules, and it's fundamental that designers and developers understand the best practices.


⎄ Design Composition 2


Learn all about design compositions, and go in-depth on fundamentals, ranging from principles, photography, and execution.


🔥 Helping other designers to think from developer's point of view. 1

Sometimes we often come across some designs which are good in terms of visuals but that isn't necessary they can be that good on the production versions and also whether they are easy to code or not. Designers often tend to miss this thing and it makes difficult for developers sometimes to fulfill the criteria. So this type o...


Accessibility 0

A course that covers not only the broad concepts of accessibility, but also in-depth lessons about different types of accessibility use cases.


✅ UI Components & Patterns 3

In Progress

Another course that focuses solely on UI components and common patterns (Sign Up, Checkout, Profile, etc.). This will cover every universal component, and we'll go in-depth about anatomy/states as well as cover nearly every best practice.


⌨️ Typography 0

Another specialized course focusing solely on typography. Cover all advanced anatomy and definitions, as well as typographic hierarchy, styles, and much more!


🎨 Color 0

A whole new course that is focused specifically on color. Learn all about color and how to apply it to create incredible designs.


📚 Add Theory to a Lesson 2

In Progress

Before you start completing lesson exercises, we want to provide the ability to read a theory section first. Theory may consist of text, images, and videos and provide users a solid basis before starting the exercises. Additionally, theory will be optional, as some users may choose to start working on the exercises immediately.


🥊 Challenge Friends 1


Allow the ability to challenge another friend. Once you've completed a Lesson, you'll be able to select which friend(s) you'd like to challenge. Once your friend completes the Lesson, you'll see who received the higher score!


Watch your actual position on the leaderboard every time you end a lesson 1

Every time you end up a lesson, see how you are rising on the leaderboard with the new points you just earned, like "You are now at 9th position on your country leaderboard!" or "You are just 20 points down the 28th position globally!". I think that will motivate users to keep learning more lessons so they can reach higher po...


📈 User account statistic 2

Displaying statistics of correct and incorrect answers in your account. Also, for each parameter, you can enter a rating (in what percentage of all users I take a place). This may include the average response time to a question, the number of correct and incorrect answers, the ratio of correct to incorrect, the time of active...


🚫🎨 Skip color practices for those with color blindness 1

Color blindness is something that affects nearly 5% of the population, and many of our Lessons and UEye Training focus on color. It's our duty as designers and product managers to be empathetic, so providing the ability to skip color lessons and hide color UEye practices is a must.


💬 Practice Discussions 1

Allow users the ability to have open discussions on practices with the ability to upvote comments that add value.


Dark mode 1

Hi, I love this platform and I'm learning a lot from it. I'd like you to introduce dark mode on the web site, it would be great to avoid suffering a big change from my code editor and the web. Thank you!


Apple's Human Interface Guidelines 🍎 0

Let's take a deep dive into Apple's HIG. Explore all their definitions and best practices.


Material Design 🤖 0

Learn all about Google's Material Design! Learn MD definitions and terms, as well as their best practices.


🌟Pro Membership for Referral Program 1


Hello Uxcel, I want to request you a Pro membership for some limited time period for those who invite more than 10 friends to join on Uxcel. If I invite more than 10 friends to join Uxcel then I should atleast get a 6 months (or whatever period you like) Pro membership to explore more about Uxcel.


ℹ️ Display Lesson Name on a Bookmark Screen 1

A bookmark screen lacks information about a lesson this particular bookmark from. I suggest adding to each bookmark screen: lesson cover and name, lesson's level, and a button to open the lesson. (just like in the image below)


📣 Discussion Forum 0

Create a space where the community can go to participate in free form discussion to ask questions and get answers (or to simply discussion ideas). Many beginning designers or developers have loads of questions related to their career or design, such as: How do I get started as a designer? How can I built my portfolio? Why do...


Advanced Level Certification 0

Currently, only fundamentals of UI / UX are covered. It would be good for professionals who already have a UX background to take up some advanced courses and get recognised for that with a different certification.