Behavioural design 0

Behavioural design is a sub-category of design, which is concerned with how design can shape, or be used to influence human behaviour.


Ability to view all answers after challenge/course gets completed 3


It would be great if I could go back and check my mistakes once all the answers are done. Especially in the weekly challenges, I wanted to go through the information on each answer once again and the only way for me to do that was by playing the challenge again


Figma 1

A course explaining the basics of figma



UX design and UI design patterns for both Android and iOS mobile app would be very helpful. Please add them.


🌎 Language localization 45


Translation of the platform into other languages. There is no doubt that you have this item in your plans. Let's see how relevant it is now. I propose below to write the languages that need to be implemented first. Please do not duplicate languages in the comments. You can just like an existing comment.


Projects for practice & feedback exchange 0

Design briefs with which learners can practice the material. An opportunity to ask feedback from peers or mentors - something that we learners often lack to improve.


Micro Interaction 0

Micro interactions are trigger-feedback pairs in which the trigger can be a user action or an alteration in the system’s state; the feedback is a narrowly targeted response to the trigger and is communicated through small, highly contextual (usually visual) changes in the user interface.


UX Design Presentation Slide & How to present to stakeholder 0

Any key tips to gather all important data and create a report to present to stakeholders?


Voice Interface Design 0

Learn how to implement sound in UX design and how it impacts our daily usage.


Design Methods 0

How to know which Design methods to use and when. Why and when to use personas, empathy maps, user flows, moodboards, SWOT analysis etc


Brand identity design 1

How to create a brand with the proper guidelines such us logo, color...


Cognitive psychology 0

Since cognitive psychology describes human behavior and what preconditions it, the benefits of it for UX design are obvious. Cognitive psychology can help overcome the cognitive barriers to improve: usability. navigation.


React for designers 0

In the same vein as HTML for designers, as react is taking over front end development I believe it would be beneficial to have an overview from the UXCEL team.


πŸ’¬ Practice Discussions 3


Allow users the ability to have open discussions on practices with the ability to upvote comments that add value.


Advanced Figma Course 0

A course setting up design libraries and build design systems. More advanced use of smart lay-outs within responsive design. Create advanced prototypes with the use of interactive components. Make use of branching. Prepare prototypes for user testing. Prepare handoff design to developments.


Homework after each lesson 0

In order to practice the acquired knowledge, it would be awesome to have some assignments after each lesson.


Saas Design 0

Designing for Saas products--from dashboards, to pricing, to complex tables & settings.


Practical and usable UI/UX patterns. Not for Behance/Dribbble. 1

Senior designers can inspired by beauty design solutions and improve and adapt it for real projects. But Juniors are trying to use it as template. The result is increasing of quantity of NOT workable beauty designs. let's try to add some UX understanding to design process =)


Create Playlists in Bookmarks 2


Many users have requested the ability to group bookmarks, so what better way to do that than allow users to create their own Playlists (which can be played and shared as well).


Javascript 0

Course that teaches the basics of javascript